Will ar glasses replace phones?

Angeline Koch asked a question: Will ar glasses replace phones?
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Probably yes at first, as in the early stages of AR glasses becoming mainstream, phones will be the "brains" behind the glasses, as we mentioned, but this may not last long. As technology keeps getting smaller, powerful smartphone internals will someday fit into the frame of AR glasses.

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The next big trend in technology will be smart glasses we wear everywhere. Microsoft, Snap, Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are all working on computers we wear on our faces that may replace our...

The coolest feature I’ve seen proposed for AR glasses is pulling up restaurant reviews as you’re walking down the street and looking for restaurants (this assumes you have AR glasses with a camera). There are some cool applications proposed, but I don’t think AR glasses will replace our smartphones, at least not for daily use.

However, the device that will move Apple towards its goal of replacing the iPhone is not expected to drop until 2023. The device is expected to look much more like a pair of sunglasses and will be intended for all-day use rather than a bulky immersive VR headset. The AR glasses are expected to overlay information into the real world.

AR glasses could potentially replace your phone, tablet and TV Concept of Apple's AR glasses If you can have all of the information you normally get from your phone or smartwatch, but right in front of your eyes, would you even need your phone anymore?

Due to this, AR glasses may not receive the full level of concentration and support they need to fulfill their potential like smartphones, but will undoubtedly start replacing them. One of the major drawbacks when it comes to AR glasses is design. Creating visually appealing glasses integrated with hardware is quite a challenge.

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These glasses can act as a support device for a smartphone, but can’t replace it. As I mentioned before, if smart glasses are going to overtake smartphones in the future, they need to offer the same or better features than smartphones at an affordable price. The sad reality is that no such pair exists at the moment.

In about a decade, according to The Information, the presentation said augmented reality glasses will ultimately replace smartphones and make the handset you use each day obsolete. Augmented...

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No. There are A LOT of UX issues that must be solved before even begin to think in massive AR glasses. There is also what I call the feedback problem: our brains evolved to need some sort of feedback for our actions. You need to feel a surface to know that you touched something. Smartphones can give you that, but AR glasses can't.

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