What are the possible causes if the printer is not responding?

Katlyn Glover asked a question: What are the possible causes if the printer is not responding?
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You may come across an error message that tells you “Printer not responding” when you are attempting to print something. There are various possible causes for this error, including bad hardware status and configuration, faulty drivers, etc.

There are many reasons which can cause the Printer is not responding problems on your computer. It can be a paper jam, issues with ink cartridges, spooler services that may need your attention or your printer may not be set as default.

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no power . cable damaged or unplugged

What Causes the “Printer Not Responding” Error? Let us look at the reasons that lead to the printer not responding error: Corrupted, outdated, or faulty printer drivers; Interference from third-party tools; Faulty hardware status; Issues with printer connections; Problems with the WiFi network; If the printer is not configured appropriately

Printer error (orange or blinking light) After your printer has completed its initial startup, you'll see a solid colored light. If the indicator is orange or blinking, often this is an indication of a printer error. A paper jam or an issue with the ink or toner cartridge can cause the error.

If the Windows print spooler service gets stuck, jobs that you send to the printer will not print, and the printer itself will not respond in any way. Restarting the spooler service usually ...

When your printer has a paper jam, it cannot print anything. The paper jams in printers are due to a number of reasons: It’s dirty, the wrong paper type is being used, or the rollers that feed the paper through its pathway are worn down among others. To fix this, you’ll need to open it, take out the toner and drum and gently pull the paper out.

printer. There are several reasons for your Canon printer not responding. These reasons can vary from something as simple as a loose connection, to the printer not being switched on (it happens!) or the printer not being connected to the network.

If your multifunction printer's (MFP) scanner stops working, it may be that the scanner software has become corrupted; try reinstalling the printer's software package.

Here are eight common reasons why a desktop printer might not be printing: 1. No Power. A printer might not be working because it is not getting any power. You need to make sure that the power cable is firmly connected to your printer and to the power source. If the printer cable is plugged into a surge protector, verify that the surge protector is on.

Sometimes Printer not responding error can be caused by driver issues. To fix the problem, you need to update your driver if it is outdated, or reinstall the driver if it is problematic. You can go to official website of your printer manufacturer to download the driver and support software for your device and install them on your own.

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