Should you oil ar trigger?

Kim Kuhn asked a question: Should you oil ar trigger?
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Lubrication. Elsewhere, trigger lubrication is important in an AR-15. I keep my competition triggers heavily lubed. I keep grease on the stressed areas, like the hammer/sear engagement, and oil on the pin areas.

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Coming from the military myself, yes in a sense it does need to stay lubricated in certain areas. But not lubricating it for 1000 rounds will hardly make it seize up. The thing you don’t wanna do is make a habit of running it dry and dirty. Other than that, let’s go over how to lubricate the AR-style rifle.

Yes, you should oil the inside of a gun barrel for protection and not for your lubrication. Oiling the inside of a gun barrel will protect it from rusting. It won’t affect its effectiveness when firing. Note, however, you should only put a light application of oil in the bore.

If lubricant causes engagement surfaces to slip, you have bigger problems. A well-fit trigger assembly should lock very reliably, otherwise you run the risk of going into a very unstable automatic mode that will probably end up detonating a round out of battery.

Most standard AR-15 triggers are surface-hardened. You may take your fine files and stones to an AR trigger and get the smoothest, lightest trigger ever. Perfect! But you cut through the hardened surface and now wear is accelerated. Then one day that perfect trigger becomes a really scary trigger, and you never saw it coming. 2. The Hunting Buddy Butchery

There are other parts that should be lightly wiped down with oil, such as the bore and the charging handle, but there is rarely a need to frequently reapply lubrication to these parts. When cleaning your AR-15, a good quality solvent removes not only carbon fouling but also much of the oil or grease used to lubricate the critical moving parts of the gun.

We have created a small list to let you know which parts you should lube, and how much to put over them. The following AR-15 parts need one drop of lube: Rear sight, dust cover pin, front sight, forward assist, trigger guard/pivot pin, bolt catch, magazine catch, trigger, hammer pins, and the ejector. Apply a light film of lube over:

With our new partnership with Lucas Oil, we figured it was a perfect time to talk about proper oiling technique. And boy, the timing couldn't be better give...

You don't need to clean your engine very often, but you do ne... I don't clean my guns often, but I certainly oil them regularly. A gun is not unlike an engine.

The trigger control group is not normally oiled on an AR-15. However, there are some users who do provide lubrication to these parts. If they do, it is a single drop of oil onto the interface between the disconnector and hammer.

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