Should you keep ar magazines loaded?

Anastasia Langosh asked a question: Should you keep ar magazines loaded?
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Compressing and leaving it is fine, as long as it isn't an overused weak spring to begin with. I have heard lots of different people say they had one stored for 20 plus years, slapped it into the firearm, and it worked no problem. It makes far more sense to have them loaded and ready than not.

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Shadetree Armorer went on to shoot all loaded and unloaded magazines. He used the same ammunition and firearms for both magazine groups without any failures to eject, chamber, or cycle. Again, this test is a small sample size. Nonetheless, it illustrates that after five years of storage, fully loaded magazines did not show any signs of failure.

How many AR mags should I have? Most people who own AR-15s aren’t conducting military operations, however, if you ever need to “bug out” and you decide to take your AR-15, having between 10-20 magazines is more than enough to take with you, wherever you go.

A magazine that is constantly being used will tell you that it’s time to replace the springs by becoming very easy to load and giving you failures to feed at the range. There is an argument that leaving a magazine loaded for a long period of time may also weaken the spring.

Magazines: Why I Keep Them Loaded.I thought I would ask do you keep your magazines unloaded,loaded or partially loaded and do you think that keeping them loa...

How many mags should you have and should you keep them loaded. And how much ammo should you have

Storing Magazines Loaded ensures that when you need a magazine all you have to do is to put it in your weapon. They are ready to go with no wasted time loading them up. Magazines make a great safe storage place for your ammunition, that’s what they were designed for.

Recently the argument of how many rounds to load into an AR magazine has resurfaced. It started with a video by John Lovell you can see HERE. Should you load your magazine to 28, 29 or 30 rounds? Ash Hess, the government and military sales rep for Knights Armament Company believes mags should be loaded to 30.

Can you store a loaded magazine for long period of time? Or will the... Or will the... The debate has raged, probably since the invention of the first detachable box magazine.

By following that guide line, magazines would remain fully loaded a maximum of six months before being unloaded and reloaded. Environmental conditions of temperature, moisture, exposure to...

Science and metal guys all say that a proper designed spring will not degrade unless it is overstresed. loading a ar mag will not overstress. Some say the loading and unloading will wear a mag more than just leaving it loaded. The basic answer is don't worry about it.

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