Should i turn off 3d printer after print?

Cordell Little asked a question: Should i turn off 3d printer after print?
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A cool down period can be very useful depending on the printer. Those cold-end cooling fans usually are very noisy, so people cut them of (that is not always possible/wise, but is being done out there), disable them after printing or shutting down power of the printer as a whole.

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When a 3D print finishes, a period of time (5-10 minutes) must be allowed before separating the part from the base and manipulating it so that it cools down sufficiently and is below the softening temperature. If this is not met, the workpiece will be deformed and will lose some finishing quality.

If you turn the bed heater off after print start, you'll lose that heated environment. The print will cool off and you'll start seeing variations in the print, which, if the print is large enough, would most likely be more noticable. Think of it

10. Filament expands as it gets hot. Cooling the filament will make it shrink, so cooling the filament deposited on the bed can lead to adhesion problems and warping of your products. This is exactly the reason why you use a heated bed (the delta temperature is smaller). So keep the cooling off for the first layers and you'll be fine.

If you are using standard filaments, live in a relatively low humidity environment, and plan on printing something again within a couple of days, you can leave the filament on the printer.

Auto shutoff at end of print Kill your 3D printer when it gets lazy ! Given the heat a 3D printer can generate, even when idle, I would better kill it than let it powered unattended, both for the planet, and to reduce the slightest risk of fire.

Hi, Wondering if I can turn off the heated bed of a PLA print after a sufficient number of layers have been printed? For long prints, it seems a waste of energy to have the heated bed on until the end of the print. Thanks for

Tap with a screwdriver Many experienced 3D printing professionals swear by this method. Once your print bed has cooled down to room temperature, simply take a flat head screwdriver, place it near a corner of the base of the print, and give it one sharp tap on the handle. The print should come right off in most cases.

I've been looking for information on what to do after your print has finished printing - other than removing it from the print bed. A lot of videos and information on building a 3d printer and showing the printer in action, but I was wondering

In order to prevent filament jams you really need the extruder fan to run continuously after the print until the nozzle is back below the Tg temperature. You need to do this in order to prevent heat creep up into the cool end section. This should only take a few minutes but should be a standard practice.

Depending on what material you print it it most likely a good idea to let the hotend cool down before shutting off the printer (fan). For example if you shut down the printer right after you print a PLA part, at 190 - 220 degrees Celsius, your hot end will still be that hot and will suffer heat creep without the fan running.

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