Roll to roll printer?

Audra Hermann asked a question: Roll to roll printer?
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Video answer: New generation uv roll to roll printer with epson i3200 printhead

New generation uv roll to roll printer with epson i3200 printhead

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In this process, a Roll-to-Roll printer uses specialized ink in order to print directly onto the roll of fabric. The ink is soaked by the fabric and becomes part of the final product, preventing any distortion to the print, such as cracking, peeling or fading.

Video answer: Surecolor sc-f7100: dye-sublimation printer for roll-to-roll textiles | epson

Surecolor sc-f7100: dye-sublimation printer for roll-to-roll textiles | epson

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The new EFI™ VUTEk® Q5r roll-to-roll printers bring you the highest image quality at the highest rated speeds in the industrial roll-to-roll printer market. Learn more. White Ink: Optional. Max. Print Width: 205 in (520 cm) Resolution: Up to 1200 dpi. Max. Speed: 7,233 ft²/hr (672 m²/hr) Brochure: Click to download.

platinum qr roll High quality prints on PVC, Vinyl, Blacklit Film, Photo Paper, Flex, Textile ( Roller blind...etc) with 2880 dpi resolution... PLATINUM PZR LED

Large Format Roll-to-Roll Digital Printing Machines Improve productivity, reliability and image quality with innovative roll-to-roll signage printers from industry leaders Epson and HP. These machines produce incredible quality at high production speeds while providing the versatility to produce everything from vinyl and canvas banners to backlit signs and vehicle wraps.

CRL33. Wide-format UV-LED Roll-to-Roll Inkjet Printer. CRL33 wide-format UV-LED inkjet printer is a great contribution to the roll-to-roll printing market. It combines high quality with high productivity on a vast array of flexible media including soft films for indoor and outdoor applications.

Direct Textile Printer Roll to Roll UV Printer Flatbed UV Printer Auxiliary Equipment. About us. Company Introduction Our History Company Culture Factory Tour Company Management. Contact us. Tel: +86-17320103955 Whatsapp&Wechat: +86-17320103955 Email : [email protected]

Roll to Roll Silk Screen Printer. system. Roll to Roll Silk Screen Printer

UJV100-160. Wide Format Inkjet Printer | Size: 3.2m | Ink: Solvent | Max.speed: 137m²/h | Supports Twin-roll printing. SWJ-320EA. Wide Format Inkjet Printer | Size: 1.3 / 1.6m | Ink: Solvent / Sublimation | Max.speed: 105.9m²/h | Orange & Light black ink | Eco cartridge | Supports ID-cut. JV300 Plus Series.

The Colorado 1640 roll-to-roll printer is excellent for both indoor and outdoor display graphics applications. It delivers a large color gamut, similar to solvent inks, but combines this with the environmental benefits and safety profile of latex and UV-cured printing systems.

3) Two print head stations at each side of the printer enable users to maintain it timely and conveniently. 4) Automatic media release and take-up system can load up to 130kg roll media. 5) SW printer: Triple-heating system with temperature indicator ensures the media heated up to appropriate temperature for quick ink drying.

When high productivity and top quality are combined, the results are magnificent. Literally! Move the limits with Karibu S.

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Video answer: A star laser printer roll to roll for label solution

A star laser printer roll to roll for label solution