Resin 3d printer speed?

Monique Mueller asked a question: Resin 3d printer speed?
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A printing speed of 20 to 36mm/hr is good enough for the average DLP and SLA resin printers but it's possible to achieve a maximum speed of 720 mm/hr. For FDM printers, 50 to 150mm/hr is a good print speed if you don't care too much about details.

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Vroom - How to make your resin 3D printers print faster. We're testing this out on 3 different Elegoo Resin Printers; Saturn, Mars 2 Pro, Mars. Thanks again ...

Pro Tip: If you want a great 3D printer with a high speed I’d recommend the Creality Ender 3 V2 (Amazon). It’s a great choice that has a maximum printing speed of 200mm/s and is loved by many users. You can also get it cheaper from BangGood, but usually with a slightly longer delivery!

FDM printers are typically a bit faster than SLA printers. However, the resolutions are typically much lower and the difference is quite minor. This shouldn’t be a major factor in choosing a printer. Two factors go into calculating SLA print cost: The cost of the machine and the cost of the materials.

Another speed factor in resin 3D printing is how quickly the system can move to the next layer. In some setups, the lighting passes through the bottom of a transparent resin tank, where the newly-solidified resin sometimes adheres between FEP and build plate, requiring a tedious “peel” process to free it up and move to the next layer.

A more powerful light can cure resin more quickly, though this is limited by the generated heat. Experimental printers designed to remove this heat have been able to reach still greater speeds. Both resin and FDM printing are also affected by layer height; the greater the layer height, the quicker prints can come out.

DLP 3D printers offer speed that often comes at a cost of precision. SLA, in turn, is more precise but relatively slow. At Zortrax we have developed a third approach to resin 3D printing. It’s as fast as DLP and even more precise

• Fastest 3D Printer Speed: 60 mm/s; 45 mm/s (new) Materials • Compatible with 3rd party filaments: Yes an open material system • Printable material(s): TPU,PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood Build Volume • 3D print size: Desktop

There are quite a few lifting and speed settings with resin 3D printing, but a good value is something that is fairly slow. People tend to go with a lifting speed of 1-3mm/s or 60-180mm/min. This helps out with reducing print suction pressures so that your print doesn’t get pulled off the build plate.

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