Photo printer resolution?

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Is your photo good enough for printing? resolution | pixel density | ppi & dpi

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Average inkjet printers today usually have a resolution of 1200 x 1440 dpi. This is a good enough resolution if you're not going to be printing photos larger than 5 x 7 inches. ... Max Resolution (DPI)

PrinterPrint Resolution
Epson Expression Photo XP-960 Small-in-One5760 x 1440 dpi
Canon PIXMA Pro-14800 x 2400 dpi

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Understanding image resolution - ppi and dpi: ask david bergman

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Printer resolution is different from, but related to image resolution. To print a high quality photo on an inkjet printer, an image resolution of at least 220 ppi should provide good results. Screen frequency is the number of printer dots or halftone cells per inch used to print grayscale images or color separations.

Max Print Size: 13x19 inch / A3+ | Print resolution: 4800 x 2400 dpi | Print speed (6x4; std quality): 33 seconds | Interfaces: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Ethernet | Scanner: No | Dimensions: 25.2 x 15.0 x 7.9in / 639x379x200mm | Weight: 14.4kg

Max Resolution: 4800 Ă— 1200 dpi | Max Print Size: 8.5 Ă— 14 inches | Inks/Dyes: 1+5 | Print speed (Standard B/W): 17 sec/15 ppm $239.00 VIEW ON AMAZON Reviews (272)

The best photo printers will produce high-quality prints of high-resolution images and pictures, either taken by yourself or - more frequently these days - from stock photo websites.

It's important to understand terms related to image size and resolution: Pixels Per Inch (PPI): A measurement of image resolution that defines the size at which an image will print Dots Per Inch (DPI): A measurement of printer resolution that defines how many dots of ink are placed on the page ...

Standard Photo Print Sizes (rounded, in cm): A4 or 10 x 15 is the most popular print size. Often used for family photo albums. A5 or 15 x 20 print size is the second popular one. A4 or 21 x 29 is a standard office paper size. Often used for decorating walls with photos.

Photo resolution–specifically when referring to photo resolution in print –refers to the amount of information included in a final print. This is often referenced in terms of DPI, or dots per inch. After all, a print is literally just thousands of tiny dots, all blending together to create a lifelike image when viewed from a certain distance.

A 600 dpi printer squeezes 600 dots horizontally and 600 dots vertically in every square inch of the sheet. Some inkjet printers have a higher resolution in one direction, so you might also see a resolution like 600 by 1200 dpi. Up to a point, the higher the resolution, the crisper the image on the sheet.

In other words, it needs to be at least 1200 x 1800 pixels in size. To print an 8 x 10 inch image at 300 PPI, use the same math: Multiply the printed image’s width and height in inches by 300 pixels. The result is 2,400 x 3,000 pixels, which is the image resolution you need to print an 8 x 10 image at 300 PPI.

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