My printer says ready but will not print?

Bernie Witting asked a question: My printer says ready but will not print?
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Switch your printer's USB cable to another port of your computer… Sometimes the USB driver doesn't work properly, so it's time to reinstall the USB drivers. Go to the device manager and uninstall all the USB drivers from there and reboot your computer. After rebooting, your printer should detect your printer properly.

Make sure it matches the port setting in the properties of the driver. If using usb just move the usb cable to another port on the computer and see if the computer finds new hardware and loads the printer giving you a copy 1 of the printer. If it does and it works, just delete the other copy of the printer.

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Re: Printer ready but will not print 1. Press the Power button on the printer to turn it off. 2. Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer. 3. Disconnect the power cord from the wireless router. 4. Turn off the computer. 5. Wait for 30 seconds. 6. Reconnect the power cord to the ...

1. Open task manager and find print spooler you'll need easy access to this later. 2. Open devices and printers and delete the printer having issues. 3. Select start and type "print management". 4. Look for the dropdown that says "print driver's" and right click on the driver of the printer that is having issues. 5.

In Windows, search for and open Devices and Printers. In the Devices and Printers window look for your HP Printer. If you see it listed, right-click on it and choose "Delete" or "Remove Device.” Open up the run command with the "Windows Key + R" key combo.

Click on the Start button and select Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Locate Print Spooler in the list. Check that it has started and that the StartUp type is Automatic. If it has stopped check that just starting does not solve the problem.

Change the icon view to Tiles and make sure that the printer status is ready. If the status does not change even after turning the printer on, reinstall the printer driver. If drivers with the same name such as Brother XX-XXXX and Brother XX-XXXX (Copy 1) are displayed then select and print to a Ready printer.

If Windows is unable to find your printer or the previous install is corrupt, you can remove the printer by right-clicking the printer icon and selecting remove device. Lots of printer manufacturers have simple to install and set up software. You can search Google with the name of the printer and the words driver software.

Clear the Printer Queue Sometimes, your computer's print queue can get jammed up with old documents that failed to print for one reason or another, holding up the document you need right now....

There are several languages a Zebra Printer may require, ZPL or EPL. If the printer does not receive the correct language (sending incorrect commands or using the wrong driver selection) then the printer will not respond. Zebra printer's use their own native print language to generate a label. The 2 main languages supported by Zebra's Desktop and Tabletop printers are ZPL and EPL. Check your printer's specification to determine which language your printer supports.

Check the print que and if anything is there try to delete it Once the que is empty reconnect the usb cable If it still wont empty it means your driver may have gotten corrupted Click on start and then in te search boc type printers then press enter

Being careful to NOT click in the list of ports (where you might accidentally change something), click the Configure Port button; Compare the IP address in the box "Printer name or IP address" If the IP address in the box is not the same as the one you determined for the printer, make it so. OK your way out and you should be able to print.

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