Mac compatible dot matrix printer?

Jodie Steuber asked a question: Mac compatible dot matrix printer?
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  • The ImageWriter II is a serial based dot matrix printer that was manufactured by Apple Computer, which supported its entire computer product line when it was released in September 1985. It had several optional add-ons available, including: a plug-in network card, buffer memory card, and motorized sheet feeder.

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The Epson Networking Impact Printers are designed for high capacity environments and are Mac OS compatible. The IP networking printer drivers built into Mac OS X support the IP Network dot matrix printers, both 9 & 24 pin. For example, for the FX-890N Networking printer you can use the driver "Epson 9-Pin Series" as shown below:

The Epson TM-U220B is a class leading dot matrix printer with autocutter ideal for kitchen and recei…. Quick view. Bixolon SRP275III Dot Matrix Receipt Printer USB, Serial, Ethernet. Excl.GST: Excl.GST: $453.64. Incl.GST: Incl.GST: $499.00.

Forms Printer 2380, Forms Printer 2381: Mac OS X v10.6 (OS Bundled) Lexmark Forms Printer 239x: Forms Printer 2390, Forms Printer 2391 Lexmark Forms Printer 248x: Forms Printer 2480, Forms Printer 2481 Lexmark Forms Printer 249x: Forms Printer 2490, Forms Printer 2491 Lexmark Forms Printer 4226 Model 302

The models supported are: Epson ESC/P2, LQ-300, 570, 570+, 870, 1070, 1070+, 1170, 2170; AP-5000, 5000+, 5500; Epson FX, FX-870, 1170, 2170, DFX-5000, 5000+, 8000; and Epson ESC/P2 Stylus 1000 ...

ImageWriter LQ (Letter Quality) is a 27-pin dot matrix printer introduced in 1987 by Apple Computer, Inc.. The print quality was comparable to competing 24-pin dot-matrix printers, and offered graphics at 320 × 216 DPI. Guaranteed compatibility with both Apple II and Macintosh computers made it popular in schools. [citation needed]

Step-by-Step Installation Guide. Click here to go to the installation navigation-guide website. Enter the product name & select operating system. Go to “Setup” and start setting up your product.

C12C814022. Epson SIDM Paper Roll Holder for LX-300+II / 1170II, FX-890 / A, FX-2190, LQ-690 / 300+II series. C12C811141. Epson SIDM Push / Pull Tractor Unit for LQ-590 / 870, FX-890 / A. C12C800202. Epson SIDM Single Sheet Feeder 50 sheets for FX-890 / A, LX / LQ-300+II, LQ-590. C12C806372.

Epson LQ-590II 24-Pin Dot Matrix Printer. Free 3 Year Warranty. Key Features. 550cps Print Speed. 25,000 Hours Mean Time Between Failures. Energy Star Certified. USB & Parallel. See More. Business Price £360.75.

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