Led laser printer technology?

Reuben Jacobson asked a question: Led laser printer technology?
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What is an led printer?

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LED printers are most similar to laser printers, using a drum, toner, and fuser system to apply coloured or black toner to paper. There is one key difference between the two – laser printers use a laser and mirror to create a toner-attracting static charge on the printing drum while LED models use a strip of LEDs.

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Printerland review: oki c332dnw a4 colour led laser printer

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LED printers,developed by Oki and Panasonic, use an array of small L ight E mitting D evices to form the latent image, hence no scanner is required. Thus LED technology offers some potential advantages over laser one. However, several problems are related to this method.

The laser scans across the page in sequence, emitting thousands of light bursts per second. An LED printer, on the other hand, uses an array of tiny LED lights that light up at different times to create the static charge. Since the lights span the entire width of the drum, an LED printer requires fewer moving parts.

LED (light-emitting diode) page printing – invented by Casio, championed by Oki and also used by Lexmark – was touted as the next big thing in laser printing in the mid-1990s. However, five years on – notwithstanding its environmental friendliness – the technology had yet to make a significant impact in the market.

Just like is case of laser printers, devices build on LED technology such radio impulses too. However, due to huge number and simultaneous flashing of diodes in the working printhead, it is impossible to decipher what each diode emitted and to restore the image printed.

At TechRadar, we file laser and LED printers in the same category because the two technologies are so similar to one another and so distinct from inkjet. Both systems use static electricity applied...

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Just like laser printers, LED printers contain a photoreceptive drum that’s surface is positively charged with static electricity by a high voltage wire. In a laser printer, a laser would then use data sent to it from a circuit board to draw the image (or text) that needs to be printed into a mirror which moves on its axis to transfer the beam on to the drum.

An LED printer is a type of computer printer similar to a laser printer. Such a printer uses a light-emitting diode (LED) array as a light source in the printhead instead of the laser used in laser printers and, more generally, in the xerography process.

LED printers are cheaper in comparison to laser printers. Laser printers run on laser beams that are expensive and require a much-complicated mirror system. So, they are costly, difficult to construct, and use as well. Meanwhile, the LED systems do not require any mirror systems, so they are easy to make.

Laser printers have only one source of light, so the same amount of light illuminates every pixel. On LED printers, the print array has thousands of LEDs that can have slight divergences in light output between them. Based on the quantity and size of LEDs in the array, LED printers also have a fixed resolution.

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