Laser printer toner cartridge problems?

Collin O'Keefe asked a question: Laser printer toner cartridge problems?
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Toner cartridge printing defects: causes and solutions

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Common Toner Problems

  • Trouble getting the door or cover on your laser printer closed?
  • Blurring, Smears, and Streaks - These issues can be caused by a defective toner cartridge or a toner cartridge not installed correctly.
  • Fading - When a toner cartridge is low on toner, fading will often occur.

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Toner cartridge troubleshooting guide

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If your printer is not low on toner and your printouts are still fading, it could be caused by a transfer roller issue or a laser mirror that needs to be cleaned. Blank Spots - Blank spots can be caused by a defective toner cartridge or other issues with the printer, potentially a damaged transfer roller.

Generic listing of toner cartridges common problems, and how to solve them.It's not specifically relate to any particular toner cartridge or laser printer. R...

Toners are laser printers’ alternative to inks in inkjet printers. If you use a laser printer, then you’re familiar with toners and fusers. Let’s examine common toner problems you may have experienced or might face in future — with solutions to help you get past the mess.

Faded print work – frequently caused by a cartridge running out of toner, but it may also be a sign that you need to clean your printer’s laser mirror or replace the transfer roller. Lines across the page – may be a sign that you have a defective cartridge, or it could mean that some internal component needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Ambient light getting into the toner cartridge can cause dark lines or bars. Make sure the printer has all covers and doors properly installed and closed. When running tests with some covers missing, do not position the printer under a bright light. Check the toner cartridge(s) and fuser for visible defects.

The most common toner cartridge failure is usually due to issues with the drum unit. The drum has a wiper blade which scrapes any excess toner off the surface as well as off the paper and Transfer Belt. When the OPC Drum Unit and all of it's components are not in perfect condition then the print quality will be compromised. Below are many of the issues with toner and drum units and also what tell tale signs to look for on the printed page.

A leaking printer toner cartridge is the bane of many laser printer users. A leaking/streaking toner can imply a powdery mess inside the printer, a stained piece of clothing, or streaked printouts. Basically, a leaking or streaking toner can ruin your day.

Doing so can damage both your cartridge and the internal parts of your laser printer. Once you’ve got a clean toner cartridge, reinstall the cartridge into your printer. Plug your laser printer back in the wall outlet, turn it on, and print a test page. How To Avoid A Toner Stain

This can be caused by low toner in the cartridge. Other causes can be that the printer may not be level or it may be near a strong light source. Solution: Remove & shake the cartridge to redistribute the toner. Move the printer to a level spot and one that is less well lit.

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Cartridge is not recognized - solution!