Laser printer photo transfer to wood?

Florine Gusikowski asked a question: Laser printer photo transfer to wood?
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Basic Method

  • Print image on regular paper or special paper ( Tom Palissade Image Transfer Paper) with laser printer. Use mirror image for anything with text.
  • Apply layer of acrylic polyurethane to wood.
  • Apply image, face down.
  • Gently press out bubbles and wrinkles. Allow to dry.
  • Dampen and gently rub off paper. If using Tom’s paper, it will peel off.

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In this awesome DIY laser photo transfer to wood video tutorial by The Crafsman Steady Crafttin’, on YouTube, you will learn how to make this smile art project in a few easy steps. Image By: The Craftsman Steady Craftin’ Via YouTube Then, you just place the photo face down and let dry, then gently peel back the paper. It is really that easy!

Cut the laser print of your photo according to the size you want and the size of your wood panel. Cover with gel. Take one of the brushes then put a thin layer of matte gel medium on top of the photo.

When the gel medium is allowed to dry completely, this paper will provide a VERY clean transfer. In addition, I had no printer jam problems, as can sometimes...

Step 1: Prepare the Image. Remember to flip your image before printing. Especialy if you have text on the image. If printed normaly the image will be back to front so it has to be flipped first. If you dont want a white boarder around your image then remember to cut as close to the image as you can.

Deland Woodworks demonstrates three ways to transfer laser print to wood; Liquitex gel medium, water-based acrylic poly, and a heat gun. Can’t beat the crisp clean results of the acrylic poly…or the instant gratification of a heat

First I'm sorry for my bad english, Im from Sweden.Second, I'm not use to do a lot of videos so i hope you can see it.NOW...A while back i did a video on tra...

Transfer a Picture to Wood If you’re wondering how to transfer photos to wood, it’s a relatively simple process. You’ll print a photo out on a dry ink printer (like laserjet or an HP). You’ll paint a medium on the front of the photo, and then smooth it onto an unfinished or painted surface.

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