Laser printer environmental impact?

Kris Lind asked a question: Laser printer environmental impact?
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Experts like those at the Aerias Air Quality Sciences Resource Center still say laser printers are associated with other air cloggers, too: volatile organic compounds like styrene, xylenes, ethylbenzene and hydrocarbons as well as lung-irritating ozone and even formaldehyde.

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This life cycle assessment measured environmental impacts of selective laser melting, to determine where most impacts arise: machine and supporting hardware; aluminum powder material used; or electricity used to print.

Inkjet cartridges, which contain many harmful parts, can be recycled. But the vast majority are simply thrown away, representing a significant ecological cost worldwide. Laser printers, on the other hand, are creating less heat and waste every year as technology improves. Of course, printing, in general, should be used only when necessary.

Environmental benefits of business printers with HP PageWide Technology • Dramatic improvements in environmental performance for business printers (versus comparable laser models) • 4The industry’s most energy-efficient business printing technology in its class • Produces the smallest carbon footprint of any HP printers in their class—

Environmental Impact of Printer Cartridges I actually felt a pang when I learned that more than 12 cups of oil are used to produce a laser printer cartridge, and that it takes 450 years most parts of the cartridge to decompose, some even longer.

Environmental Impacts of Selective Laser Melting: Do Printer, Powder, ... to measure the environmental impact of SLM to determine the areas that have the greatest impact-machines and supporting ...

Environmental winner: laser printing. Because laser printers work a lot faster (by orders of magnitude), less electricity is wasted, and fewer chemicals discharged into the atmosphere. Environmental winner: laser printing.

The environmental impact of printing. December 18, 2017. While the introduction of printing gave a substantial boost to workplace productivity, the environmental effects have been considerable. As The Future of Things explains, printing and printer cartridges number among “some of the most important and influential innovations” of the past 200 ...

Among those, 17 (27 percent) were "high emitters" (including HP LaserJet and HP Color LaserJet models, and one Toshiba Studio model), which caused the concentration of particles in the surrounding...

A recent study funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health revealed a potential health hazard from a laser printer’s emissions. While employees should not change their work habits, new technology has led researchers to call for printers to be placed in rooms or areas that are well-ventilated.

Contributed by Bob Gorman Everything that humans do has an impact on the environment. Manufacturing and using printer cartridges can have serious repercussions, no matter how insignificant those cartridges may seem. Fortunately, you can take simple steps to reduce the harm they can inflict on nature.

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