Is subnautica fun without vr?

Tremayne Rath asked a question: Is subnautica fun without vr?
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Subnautica in vr! | subnautica - part 23 (full release)

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VR is NOT required to play this game. Thanks for the reply everyone!

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Yes, launch the game through Steam (games -> add a non-steam game to my library). Right click Subnautica in your Steam library, click Properties, click Set Launch Options, enter: -vrmode none. Thanks, now i'm not starting steamVR. But it still keeping chrashing, it would not get past the first loading screen.

Few people seem to be aware Subnautica also supports a VR mode, available to users of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It is perfectly possible to play it without VR, though, even though users will miss out on quite the experience.

How do you boot subnautica without it running in VR? I have spent the last hour or so trying my hardest to find out how to boot it in desktop mode but I have made no progress. I can't figure out how to contact the support because it just throws me into a loop of links.

((EPILEPSY AND SEIZURE WARNING AT 12:50 DUE TO VISUAL ERROR))35 hours of streaming, and 4 days of editing, + a $26 fee of the most terrifying game I could po...

A recent Subnautica dev AMA says they're unlikely to do it. In short, they said VR is a small playerbase, and they cant focus the time to addressing VR for just them. Subnautica is a flawed VR experience, but a beautiful one. I'm happy with what I've got, and I recommend giving it a go, especially if you already have the game.

With the PC release of Subnautica imminent, what is the status of VR? It appears work is continuing at a limited pace, but is still very rough around the edges. However, if it is not functional and immersive on day-one, this needs to be made clear on the Steam website. Doing an official VR release post-1.0 is a reasonable alternative. P.S.

Subnautica can be ran in VR, but to be honest it's not a particularly good choice to play the game in VR. Looks damn impressive, but as you noticed it's not really built with VR in mind.

Thought I would give Subnautica a go but I cannot see the mouse curser in vr and it only appears in window mode plus my xbox one controller is not working right is there any fix for this

Vr mode kicks on by default and I don't want to have to plug and unplug the Oculus. Here's a simple fix that worked for me. 1} Open a Command Prompt in ADMINISTATIVE Mode. 2} type in net stop OVRService. 3) Play game without VR.

VR can be quite demanding for a PC's system and to get Subnautica running smoothly it's likely you will need to tweak some things first. Don't worry though, there are a ton of Subnautica Community posts and fan forums providing detailed walkthroughs of the best setup for individual VR headsets and machines. It's recommended to have one of these open when you first get started to ensure you're ...

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