Is ar mag lock legal in ca?

Virginie Stehr asked a question: Is ar mag lock legal in ca?
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  • The AR MAGLOCK product line IS compliant with all California laws and regulations. All you have to do is get on the DOJ website and review the regulations yourself. Additionally, AR MAGLOCK has always told consumers when using the Gen 1 product that you must use removable baseplate magazines to safely clear double feed malfunctions.

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ARMagLock is a new patented AR-15 fixed magazine solution that allows California, New York and Connecticut AR-15 owners to avoid assault weapon registration within their respective state by staying compliant with the laws. The California Legislature recently passed a law mandating registration of all assault weapons.

ARMagLock allows California, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey and other states (and other local municipalities such as Cook County Illinois) AR-15 owners to comply with existing and proposed fixed magazine laws, potentially avoiding registration within their respective states.

The systems made by AR Maglock (pictured) are popular for this purpose. Now, a number of companies sell California-legal AR-15s, so anyone who lives in that state who wants one can (still, for now) buy one if they so chose. Additionally, a number of companies will convert a standard AR-15 to a featureless rifle.

The AR MagLock is a replacement of the standard ‘Bullet Button’ that was outlawed in California in 2016. This device’s main function is to speed up the openi...

AR MAGLOCK and KingPin explanation for California Compliant rifles. Fastest functional locking kit. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to ...

A maglock device is something that will do exactly what it sounds, and lock the magazine into your rifle. California law dictates that you must “disassemble” your rifle to remove the magazine if it has any scary features.

Hint…it’s the AR MagLock + Patriot Pin combo. Disclaimer that this is not legal advice and you should double-check everything, especially since the laws surrounding this always seem to be in flux. I’m also writing this mostly towards residents in California, but New York residents can also benefit.

California: The California Department of Justice has recently indicated the AR MAGLOCK is compliant with the new laws SB 880 / AB 1135 and their new regulations. Please click below and see sections (l), (m), (n) and (p) as proof: DOJ Regulations (Released 05.12.17 for approval 6.26.17): Department of Justice AR MAGLOCK Compliance Confirmation

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