Is an i5 good for vr?

Joy Greenfelder asked a question: Is an i5 good for vr?
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Arizona sunshine - i5 vs i7

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Oculus Rift S Recommended VR Specifications:

Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480 or greater. CPU: Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater.

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Do you need a special cpu for vr?

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Many of the VR headsets are slated to utilize the full 4K pixel gamut with 4096x2160 effective resolution. But regardless of graphical complexity, the i5–10400F can dish out the frame rates required for a smooth and seamless VR experience.

The i5-9600K clocks in at a speed of 3.7 GHz and with a Turbo Boost it can reach up to 4.6 GHz. This is some serious power for a 6-Core 6-Thread CPU and can easily power a great VR-Ready Desktop PC. Anyone looking to build a CPU for Virtual Reality Gaming would be smart to go with this more budget-friendly option.

With VR you need "enough" CPU and GPU separately to keep the frame rate up. More than that doesn't really matter. I currently also have a 6600k in my VR box (original Vive) as I stole the 6700k for other uses. It's ok for what I do but if content becomes more demanding, maybe an update will be required in future.

Dec 17, 2018. #2. Yes, the 9600k is a very good match for the GTX 1060. More than good actually. Some might even say it's overkill for that card. Really it's about what you want to see and you should have no problems with that combination. 0.

Good VR CPU – Intel Core i5-4590 Although VR games do not depend on CPU as much as on GPU, having a good process does not hurt in the long run. i5-4590 does everything that you ask him of. All the current VR games are bottlenecked by GPU and even bad CPU’s do the job correctly (mainly because they almost do nothing within VR games).

Currently I have Z97x-ud3h board with 16g ram, and i5 4690 chip. With STRIX GTX1080 card. Do you think my VR experience is bogged down by my chip? I was contemplating upgrading to i5 7600k and a new board/ram, or an even better chip.

CPU Requirements for Running VR Generally, most of the processor with four ore more processors (Quad Core) are recommended for enough computational power. Below are the minimum CPU requirements for the majority of VR headsets including HTC, Oculus, and Valve. Minimum CPU requirement for all models: Intel i5-4590 or greater [benchmark 1600+]

I've got a what I would say reasonable rig, 2500k i5 8 gig ddr3 980ti. Now I don't mind spending money on my system but don't want to drop 500 pounds and gain nothing. If I change rig I guess I would need to replace ram cpu and motherboard but even for VR would it be worth it?

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