Is a resin printer dangerous?

Lelah Bosco asked a question: Is a resin printer dangerous?
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Resin printing isn't scary - ft. billie ruben!

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UV resin used in 3D printing is very toxic, not only for people but also for the surrounding environment. Any body part directly exposed to the resin can be harmed, and improper treatment of the resin can harm animals and the environment. UV resin can be very harmful, but few are aware of its effects.

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Staying safe while resin 3d printing!

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Check with the manufacturer of your resin 3D printer if using resins manufactured by them or with the resin manufacturer themselves if you want to be certain. It's worth noting some people are allergic to latex gloves. Once cured or hardened, resin objects are safe to touch with your bare hands. 3.

SLA printer resin can affect you and the environment. Learn more about resin printer fumes and how to keep yourself and the planet safe.

Thus, the cruddy IPA cleaning station is perhaps the most dangerous material in a resin 3D printer configuration. Back to Simon’s question, which asked whether the fumes were toxic. I presume they could be, but they are relatively easily dealt with through ventilation.

UV resin can be very harmful, but few are aware of its effects. Other forms of 3D printing have traditionally been safer. Still, the use of UV resin presents more harmful situations, and the rest of this article will explain why the resin is so toxic and, more importantly, the best ways to keep yourself safe when using UV resin for 3D printing.

Cons of 3D printing using resins. 1. More expensive. Printing with resin is more expensive, both in terms of the printer and the raw materials. While you can buy a desktop-scale FDM printer for about $300, the cheapest resin printer you can get today will still cost more than $1000.

Some resins are more toxic and have a lot stronger smell than others. Formlabs resins are very low odour compared to many others. IPA itself is not safe and you need to deal with it for cleaning the prints. It damages your liver similarly to heavy drinking even from skin contact.

To my understanding, the danger of 3D printing resin is that its a sensitizer, and that small amounts of resin can enter your body and cure, which over time can cause you to become allergic to resin based products. I've heard from a few sources that "once its cured it's fine" (All3dp, Maker's Muse).

Harmful: danger of serious damage to health by prolonged exposure if swallowed. Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. Avoid contact with skin.

If the resin manufacturer recommends a respirator, wear it! Some resins, including polyesters and some polyurethanes, can also emit dangerous and noxious fumes. Note: Just because you do not smell the fumes when working with these resins does not mean they are not there.

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