Is a cheap vr headset worth it?

Eladio Luettgen asked a question: Is a cheap vr headset worth it?
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Good VR isn't cheap, but cheap VR can be pretty good… A set of decent headphones connected to your phone can make you feel more present and immersed in any VR experience. The other thing is comfort, which is often difficult to accomplish when holding an actual cardboard box to your face with both of your hands.

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While $13 and tax is a little much for a greeting card, it's right on par with some of the cheapest VR headsets you can buy today, and that level of accessibility is amazing. That having been said,...

Certain VR headsets, mainly smartphone VR headsets such as Daydream View, Google Cardboard, Gear VR, and so on are so cheap because it uses your smartphone as a display. Thus, the only critical part of these types of headsets is the lenses, which are typically cheap and also lightweight.

While cheap when standing shoulder to shoulder with most VR headsets, the Peiloh VR Headset is one of the more expensive low-cost headsets at roughly $75. The extra cost does equate to a better product, though, so in our estimation, the higher price tag is entirely warranted. Another potential issue is that the Peiloh VR Headset lacks a controller.

The cheapest way to enjoy VR is to get one designed for mobile platforms, where you slot your phone into the headset and use your phone screen as the VR display. These options may sound makeshift, but with many phones coming with 2560 x 1440 displays featuring AMOLED, IPS and LCD displays, they’re really nothing to be scoffed at.

The headset can be quite frustrating at some... In my opinion I like it, it's great for budget VR. But if you have plenty of money to spend buy another headset.

The Windows Mixed reality headsets have much better resolution and are quite a bit cheaper due to now having base stations but the lack of stations has issues with tracking out of 180 front of you, which games handle fine but you see your hand "jump" in tracking afterward sometimes because it isn't where you moved it to.

Google Cardboard is the cheapest VR on the market and the big selling point that makes this kit a leap up from a homemade contraption is the magnifying lenses and the singular button on the side. However, given how cheap it is, it's unsurprisingly uncomfortable and limited in what it can do, but if you've got a kid or young family member begging for a VR headset then perhaps this will tide them over.

There are low budget and inexpensive VR headsets that are worth taking a look. They are excellent for beginners who want to enjoy VR for the first time and at a low price. Moreover, cheap VR headsets are not comfortable enough. You cannot wear them for a long time.

The best VR headset for movies. The Go is the best headset for viewing 360 video without spending a lot of money. There’s plenty of content such as 360 videos and arcade games, and they are cheap. It’ standalone, no PC or console required

And if you are then sure you LOVE VR, then keep it's base stations and sell the rest of the twice used Vive on ebay for $250. Then buy the Valve Index HMD and Controllers for $750. This is what I did, and I have NO regrets. If you are on a very tight budget, get a WMR set for $150, and you'll have 80% as much fun for about 20% of the cost.

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