How to tell what ar upper you have?

Dessie Ritchie asked a question: How to tell what ar upper you have?
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Can any AR 15 upper match with any AR-15 lower?

  • Now comes to the question of whether any AR-15 upper receiver will fit any AR-15 lower. The answer is almost. Bear in mind that the AR-15 has been around for nearly six decades. There is no telling how many different manufacturers have cranked out these guns, and there is no regulation to control them.


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A "splintered A" marking is usually found on Olympic Arms uppers. While these markings alone are not definitive, they are usually a good indication of the origin of the upper receiver on your rifle. Remove the hand guards and examine the underside of the barrel with a flashlight.

Identifying what pattern your upper receiver is pretty straightforward with this one and doesn’t require any special tools or instruments. DPMS .308 patterned upper receivers have a rear rounded bottom edge. Armalite AR-10 patterned uppers have an angled, rear bottom edge.

Title says it all..... Trying to figure out the maker of the upper on an ar-15 I had gotten and was wondering the best ways to tell who manufactured it ..... The only defining markings I can find at all is the barrel is stamped 5.56

How To Tell If An AR Is Mil-Spec. Since the AR 15 was originally designed for military use, it stands to reason that mil-spec—or the military standard—parts are going to be some of the most well-designed options out there for customizing your AR. When we talk about mil-spec in the strictest sense of the word, we’re talking about the ...

One simple very generic distinction is that the older, "high profile," upper will have the forward assist all the way at the end. The new, "low profile," resembles an AR-15 slicker design, the forward will be somewhat towards the

Thanks for visiting and we hope you become a regular! For the "Firearms" classified section: The Firearm Section is now to include all working/non-working firearms, and integral components like receivers (uppers, lowers, etc), barrels, BCG's, and firing control (trigger groups, hammers, firing pins, etc).

So in my case, it is easy to tell my uppers apart by barrel length and optic. And of course the barrel is marked. But if you wanted to, you could always mark this on the upper itself for better visibility (stencil and paint if nothing

Mastering the particulars of the AR-10 upper receiver helps you get more out of the heavy metal brute. What you need to know about the AR-10 upper: Two main patterns: DPMS and ArmaLite. DPMS has a rounded rear cut.

Hi Jeff, thanks for reading! Swapping out the barrel on an AR-15 is very simple with the right tools. You should have no issue moving to a 16″ barrel on an existing upper if you decide that the 18″ doesn’t suit you.

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