How do you dispose of resin from a 3d printer?

Blair Lang asked a question: How do you dispose of resin from a 3d printer?
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If you have an empty container of resin, swish some isopropyl alcohol in it to clean the walls of the container, pour it into a clear contained (glass, plastic, plastic bag) and expose it to UV light until the isopropyl alcohol has evaporated and the resin has hardened, and throw it away.

Basically, if any part of the resin is liquid, you need to dispose of it in a safe way according to your local government regulations. But if it's already cured and hardened and there is no amount of liquid resin left, you can dispose of it with your normal trash.

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We recommend you expose it to sunlight before removing any cured resin present in the liquid before disposal. Once that’s been taken care of, use an Ultrasonic Cleaner to soak your 3D prints in water, sanitizing alcohol, or detergent for at least 30 seconds. Use an Air Gun to Dry your 3D Prints

To dispose of uncured resin you need to fully cure all the liquid or supports that have come off the model, including any paper towels. Once the resin is cured, you can dispose of resin as you would normal plastic. For the isopropyl alcohol, you can cure your container, filter it out, and re-use it.

This limits the degree of recycling that can be done with the unused resin. 2. No option for composite prints. High-end FDM printers can have multiple extruders, making it possible to create prints made with a combination of different filament materials. This can prove really useful if you’re printing a model that requires support structures, as some materials are simply more suitable for support. For instance, PVA filament can be removed simply by soaking the finished print in water ...

SLA 3D Printing: How Do You Dispose of Resin? by Leo Gregurić. Published Apr 19, 2020. Advertisement. SLA resins are tricky to handle and disposing of resin safely is important! Learn the do's and don'ts of this unique 3D printing liquid.

Discover the recommended procedures when working with 3D resin printing. From when the box arrives at your house, shaking, pouring, filtering, storing, the ...

If the UV curable resin is in a pourable bottle, carefully pour the liquid from the storage bottle into the printer tray, avoiding spills and drips. Tools that may be contaminated with the material should be cleaned prior to reuse with window cleaner, or plenty of denatured or isopropyl alcohol, followed by a thorough washing with soap and water.

Alternatively, if you have a small amount of resin and hardener in each, you can pour one bottle into the other, allow to cure, then throw away with your regular trash. 4. Cured resin is considered inert and can be disposed of in regular trash. Yes, you can throw your resin mistakes away.

Ideally you would rinse it off in a container, cure the container, then dispose of it. Even after curing I technically don't think you're supposed to dump it in the sink because you'd just be pouring tiny cured resin particles into the water system which isn't great.

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