How do you dispose of printer cartridges?

Kameron Gibson asked a question: How do you dispose of printer cartridges?
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How to recycle printer cartridges

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  • Remove the print cartridges from the printer, disconnect USB or other connecting cables and remove the power cord. The print cartridges should be disposed of separately through a recycling program while the USB cable, power cord or other cables can be reused by other electronics or disposed of separately.
  1. Drop your inkjet cartridges off at any office supply store, like Staples or Office Depot.
  2. Recycle your empty cartridges at designated kiosks at Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.
  3. Mail your empty ink cartridges back to the original manufacturer.
  4. Recycle with a third-party recycling facility.

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How to recycle empty ink cartridges

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So, how can you dispose of printer cartridges the right way? Well, there are a few ways to do so without harming the environment. Here are the two and most effective ways: Leave Them at a Supply Store. Supply stores will gladly accept any used cartridge you have. Some of them may even give you discounts or other products in exchange.

Step 1, Determine your best option. Taking empty cartridges to a store is the surest way to get something back aside from a sense of satisfaction. If you print and buy frequently, this is the way to go.Step 2, Find the right store. Most office supply stores will accept spent cartridges as part of a rewards program, so you’ll want to find a place that you visit frequently. Local participation may vary. Office Depot accepts ink cartridges as part of their rewards program. Staples ...

How to Dispose of Printer Toner Cartridges. Part of the series: Computers Programs & Accessories. Disposing of computer printer toner cartridges can be done ...

Print cartridges are typically recycled separately from printers themselves to keep them and any ink they contain out of landfills. Many retailers that sell print cartridges offer drop boxes where used cartridges can be placed for recycling, and several printer manufacturers offer mail-in recycling services as well.

Surprisingly, r ecycling printer cartridges is not difficult. You can easily recycle your printer cartridges for money, charity, or just for the well being of the planet and its future generations by taking a few simple steps. There are different ways to recycle your used ink and toner cartridges: Manufacturer Lead Recycle Programs

As mentioned earlier, before disposing of your printer, you should take out the cartridge from your printer. You have to recycle cartridges separately to prevent them and the ink in them from ending up in landfills. Some retailers that sell cartridges have drop boxes where you can leave your used cartridges for recycling. collect cartridges and split the money raised between three charities, SeeAbility, CRUSE Scotland and Cardiac Risk In The Young. Green Agenda handle used printer ink and toner cartridges for business, charities or educational establishments. Recycling Box supply collection boxes and collect cartridges from businesses.

You can recycle printer cartridges for charity . Some organisations will collect from you or provide pre-paid envelopes so that you can send them your used ink cartridges for recycling. And they support charities with the proceeds.

Mail in your empties To recycle laser toner cartridges by mail, check the packaging that your toner cartridge came in because there should be a mailable envelope enclosed. If you don't see one, go to the HP recycling page, click "Recycle," and then choose your country. Click your product type and "Send in to HP."

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