Does vr render twice?

Andy Legros asked a question: Does vr render twice?
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The big downside is that VR users are much more sensitive to dropped frames, it will affect their experience in a very negative way. It's not really twice, but it certainly takes significantly more computing power. The scene has to be rendered twice each frame, which taxes the CPU and the GPU.


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The CPU does some work to set up a frame to be rendered. Ordinarily, the head pose is sampled early in the CPU frame and baked into the command buffer. Then the frame is submitted to the GPU, which renders it. At the next vsync, the display is flipped to the new frame just rendered, and the frame is scanned out.

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Don't Knock Twice is a first-person horror game based on a psychologically terrifying urban legend. One knock to wake her from her bed, twice to raise her from the dead. Supports VR on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for the ultimate

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How does VR work? Render your scene. Render twice - L + R. Apply post effect. How does WebVR work? Render scene to canvas. Render L + R to canvas. canvas.requestFullscreen() Can I use WebVR? Not in your normal browser.

Single Pass Stereo rendering is a feature for PC and Playstation 4-based VR applications. It renders both left and right eye images at the same time into one packed Render Texture A special type of Texture that is created and updated at runtime. To use them, first create a new Render Texture and designate one of your Cameras to render into it.

Brute-force run your CPU code twice (BAD) Use geometry shader to amplify geometry (BAD) Resubmit command buffers (GOOD, our current solution) Use instancing to double geo (BETTER. Half the API calls, improved cache coherency for VB/IB/texture reads) “High Performance Stereo Rendering For VR”, Timothy Wilson, San Diego

Under Render Device Select, make sure that the GPU that you are using to output is not selected as it will degrade your VR performance. If you wish, you can use Distributed Rendering. If you wish to change the interpupillary distance, select the Advanced settings of V-Ray RT and change the eye distance. Press the Active Shade Render button: The ...

- Geometry Processing (visibility calculations, vertex shaders, batches, render calls, etc) is potentially doubled, since you need to render everything twice (once for each eye). There's ways to mitigate that, but overall there's more work for VR.

In the Dimensions section, select a render resolution that is twice as wide as it is tall and a power of 2 in each dimension. For example, 2048 by 1024 would work, since 2048 = 2¹¹ and 1024 ...

Bear in mind you need to render twice since VR requires slightly different images per eye. These settings mean you’re going to be doing 2520 frames of rendering to generate just one frame of stereoscopic-360 capture!

A native VR implementation will process everything twice – once for each eye. We call this solution multipass rendering . HDRP supports multipass rendering, however, we do not recommend this method because your application will use twice as much CPU power for rendering, essentially doubling your number of draw calls.

The CPU has to iterate twice through the render loop completely, and the GPU is likely not able to take advantage of any caching of objects drawn twice across the eyes. Multi-Pass The core idea was to extract portions of the render loop that were view-independent.

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