Does field and stream sell ar 15s?

Ashton Davis asked a question: Does field and stream sell ar 15s?
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Dick's Sporting Goods' 'new' policy of not selling AR-15 rifles is just a stunt. Dick's Sporting Goods announced Wednesday morning that its sister company, Field & Stream, would discontinue the sale of AR-15 rifles, and that the entire company would raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21.


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The AR family of semi-automatic rifles, based on the original Armalite Ar-15 / Colt M16 automatic rifles, is one of the broadest and most popular in the world, and Field & Streams Sporting Goods carries the best. We’ve got models from Bushmaster, Remington, Stag Arms, Smith & Wesson, and much more! Come check out yours today!

The news that Field & Stream is selling AR-15s and sniper rifles suggests that the company’s period of mourning is over. A salesman at Dick’s in Homestead, Pa., said neither that store nor any Dick’s sells AR-15s.

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D ick’s Sporting Goods announced Wednesday morning that its sister company, Field & Stream, would discontinue the sale of AR-15 rifles, and that the entire company would raise the minimum age to...

Gun news site The Firearm Blog first posited that AR-15 rifles like the kind Lanza used would be available at Field & Stream despite the Dick's ban on these weapons in a post earlier this month ...

Dick's Sporting Goods made the announcement yesterday that they will no longer sell AR-15 assault rifles in their stores. Specifically, they will no longer be carried in their Field & Stream ...

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Shop Shop All Guns at Field & Stream. If you find a lower price on Shop All Guns somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee. *Price Promotions - Due to manufacturer restrictions, select new release and other ...

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