Do printer heads wear out?

Karolann Legros asked a question: Do printer heads wear out?
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Because the dots must be heated and cooled very rapidly, and there is friction as the ribbon or paper passes against the printhead , the printhead will eventually wear out. As the printhead ages, the output will become lighter or sections of dots may stop heating and cause voids in the print.

Thermal print heads can wear out faster depending on how much printing is being down and on what type of media. Printers using thermal print heads have been designed for easy print head replacement and can be done by the user without a service call. Thermal print heads are less expensive to replace as well.


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Simply put, the more you print, the faster the printhead will wear out and it doesn’t matter whether you have a Zebra thermal label printer, Datamax thermal label printer, SATO thermal label printer, Printronix thermal label printer, or any other brand. Printheads are the most critical component of a printer and they take a lot of wear and tear.

Because the dots must be heated and cooled very rapidly, and there is friction as the ribbon or paper passes against the printhead, the printhead will eventually wear out. As the printhead ages, the output will become lighter or sections of dots may stop heating and cause voids in the print.

Basically the print head is full of very small resistors which heat up causing the ink to bubble out onto the paper to produce the image. The printers software is set up so that when the ink cartridge is nearing empty it warns the user to replace it well before it actually runs out. This is what we call a buffer or a safety level of ink.

Secondly, is that the printheads are dirty, although a nice thorough clean will solve this, after a while, it will need changing altogether from wearing out. As with most electronic and mechanical devices, it will often go throw wear and tear, especially for gadgets with moving parts and will need to be replaced after a few hundreds of use.

The thermal stresses wear the heads out quickly, so the heads are designed to be consumables, so they can be easily and cheaply replaced after a few tens or hundreds of operating hours. Piezo-electric printheads. Principle of a bend mode piezo-electric inkjet. Source: Xaar. Often just called piezo heads.

Cartridges should be stored in a dark, dry place at room temperature. If a cartridge is exposed to extreme heat or cold, print quality will deteriorate, and in some cases, the cartridge may be unusable. Heat can cause ink to bubble up and leak. Cold conditions can cause ink to separate.

Do a print head Deep Cleaning (Note: the Print Head Deep Cleaning Procedure uses a lot of ink) Print the nozzle check pattern (This will print a test page using all nozzles in the print head) - repeat steps 3-4 up to two times - If the output is still not normal, you may need a new print head; or, if you just installed a new print head, the print head may be defective.

Cartridges may also dry out if they are expired or if your printer or they are kept in close proximity to a heat source or in direct sunlight. If you refill your own cartridges, you could have problems, too. When not done correctly, air can make its way into the cartridge. This can clog print heads and cause the ink to dry out.

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What solvent to use for cleaning printer heads?

Use one of the solutions above to clean the printhead. If the printhead is on a removable cartridge, pour a small amount of the solution of your choice into a saucer. Sit the cartridge, printerhead down, in the solution and leave it for about an hour. Wipe the printhead and replace the cartridge.

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Some desktop 3D printers use a glass surface that is essentially permanent; I've even seen granite rock print plates on higher-end equipment… These surfaces tend to eventually wear out, and most often they wear out in the exact center of the print bed.

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Laser printers: If you're looking for low-maintenance, efficiency, and reliability, these fit the bill. They use long-lasting toner that doesn't dry up, so you can go for months between print jobs without worrying that the ink has dried up or clogged.

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Printheads contain microscopic holes that shoot out droplets of colored ink. If you don't run your printer that often, ink dries out, clogging your printheads. Even air bubbles in your ink cartridge can block the nozzle.