Did vr die again?

Ramiro Breitenberg asked a question: Did vr die again?
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PC VR isn't dead, and it's not dying

But 2019 proved that VR just took a while to figure out, and some monumental releases have shown that developers have developed mechanics that appeal to both casual and core gamers. Games like Pistol Whip are immediately accessible and lovable.


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I know it's reasonable to expect people here to deny the reality of the situation anyway because coming to a VR enthusiast forum to ask if VR is dead is similar to going to a bar and asking people if alcohol consumption is on the decline, but there really is a lot of hard data out there if you know where to look for it that indicates that there is a snowball effect happening with the VR industry and pandora's box cannot be closed again in this regard, but it's the slowest snowball an ...

Of course, VR is still a big part of humanity’s future, and it’s not going to die entirely. VR’s growth will be stunted, but will continue at a slow pace. With a few new technologies, much better resolution, FOV and developers tools that make it easier for artists to make amazing things, we’ll see a big resurgence again in VR.

Come back in five years. Yes, this VR cycle is dead. The VR industry has to hope this is only another cycle. And that another opportunity to build a viable ecosystem will come winging in again ...

I did it again

November 13, 2019. Title: Copy. Short Link: Copy. It’s official: smartphone-based VR is dead. The two big players in this space were Samsung Gear VR (powered by Oculus, which is owned by ...

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Did VR peak and die before it even started? soxfan335 Posts: 131. Hiro Protagonist. December 2015 edited December 2015 in General ...

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Mark Zuckerberg talks about the future of VR and AR at Facebook’s recent Oculus Connect conference. Mark Zuckerberg has been talking a lot about augmented reality and investing a lot, too. Yesterday he did it again in an all-hands meeting that was live streamed to his Facebook account (it was very interesting to watch, by the way). Everyone in Silicon Valley knows that Facebook is spending billions on a future augmented reality headset and operating system, many even point to some new ...

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Another big problem with mobile VR is the nature of head tracking… It was either a closed garden of apps for something like Daydream or Gear VR, or unregulated Cardboard-compatible apps that varied widely in usability. Not to mention the massive amount of variability in Android hardware.

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Although SuperData noted that the premium mobile segment of the VR market had “effectively died” as platforms phased out support for the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream, sales of stand-alone VR rigs such as the Valve Index (which came out in 2019) and the Facebook-funded Oculus Quest 2 (which launched last October) ...

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VR is growing not dying. There is a huge amount of invest still going into the market. With huge tech companies spending at lot of money developing it further. With Microsoft pushing there Mixed Reality Headsets, Google with Daydream, Sony with PSVR and more.