59.90 printer error?

Carlee Breitenberg asked a question: 59.90 printer error?
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Video answer: 50.9 fuser error hp laserjet 3800 3600 3000 cp3505 2700

50.9 fuser error hp laserjet 3800 3600 3000 cp3505 2700

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The printer is still showing Error 59.90. That error is an ETB Motor startup problem. The ETB Motor is part of the ETB assembly, which is the thing you reseated. So it is possible that replacing the ETB will resolve the issue.


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  • The 52 Scanner error indicates that the printer has experienced an internal hardware error. Turn the product power off, wait at least 30 seconds, and then turn the product power on and wait for it to initialize. If you are using a surge protector, remove it. Plug the product directly into the wall socket.

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  • Disable firewall and antivirus. Click on Start and select Settings. Go to Updates and Security…
  • Add the printer as administrator. Press Windows Key + R to open Run. Type control and click OK to open the Control Panel…
  • Clean the registry entries. Press Windows Key + R to open Run…
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A range of printer-related problems is caused by a wrong or out-of-date printer driver. So if you’re troubled by the non-working Brother printer, be sure to update its driver and see if the problem gets resolved. There’re two options for you: manually or automatically. Option 1 – Download and install the driver manually

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Steps to Fix HP Error Code c9c70000 • Step 1: First reset the printer and make sure your printer would be switch on if it's not. Step 2: Also wait until the printer is idle or silent. Step 3: Once the printer turned on make sure disconnect the all power cord from your printer… Step 6: Then plug the all power cables.

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This error code 6004 will display on the printer's control panel when the connection between your computer and the printer might be lost. Please follow the instruction to fix this issue. 1. Check the USB cable connection to make sure no damaged or broken.

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If you have an issue with your ink cartridge, the Epson printer error 41 may emerge. This error code usually sprouts due to some flaw in the cartridge or when the new ink cartridges are not installed properly. The problem with this error is that it shall stop further printing operations.

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Hp color laser jet 3600 repair part1 disassembly

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You could probably make your printer work again and I assume that's what you meant when you said computer a couple of times. Start by reseating the ETB, (electrostatic transfer belt), that is the thing you have to pull down to get to the toner cartridges, on the bottom sides of it there are little blue buttons to push and you can pull it out and put it back in.

The current display says error 59.90. When I display all the errors it displays 59.90 and 54.19. The errors say to replace the DC controller card (error 54.19)

2 Reconnect the connectors J4022 for the ETB motor, J4017 between the ETB and the printer, and J4014 on the DC controller PCA. 3 Replace the ETB motor. 4 Replace the DC controller PCA.

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Got a HPLJ4650 with a 59.90 error, according to the manual it's something to do with the ETB motor, does anybody know what exactly needs to be replaced to get rid of the error? Any help would be much appreciated.

My HP Color LaserJet 3800n printer is giving me an Error 59.90. Have tried turning it off / on. Any idea what is wrong and how to fix? - 5904081

How to fix 50.9 fuser error, HP Laserjet CP3505 3800 3600 3000 2700 printers… How to fix 50.9 fuser error, HP Laserjet CP3505 3800 3600 3000 2700 printers.

Some products utilize the keyboard shortcut ‘Fn + Esc’; the product information will appear after a short delay. If that doesn’t work, this information can also be found on your bar code stickers, which may be located behind the battery. Printers (Both HP and Samsung) Look for the bar code stickers on your printer.

Remedy: 1.Reset the printer: a. Turn off the power by using the power switch, and then wait at least 30 seconds. b. Turn on the power and wait for the product to initialize. 2. If you are using a surge protector: a. Power off the printer. b. Remove the surge protector. c. Plug the product directly into the wall socket and turn the product power ...

HP Color LaserJet CP4525. Code: 59.60. Remedy: Perform the drum-motors component test in the DIAGNOSTICS menu. If the message persists, replace the black drum motor.

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  • If you are using an outdated driver then it is quite possible that you might face the issue as well.
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Press the paper button to eject the jammed paper. If the error does not clear, open the printer cover and remove all of the paper inside, including any torn pieces. Then, reload the paper in the sheet feeder and press the paper button to resume printing. The ink cartridge is nearly empty.

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Your printer display or status monitor may read "Fatal Error". This simply means a problem has occurred requiring action to clear. A "Fatal Error" does not mean your printer will "die".

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