12 science student can do bba?

Russel Mann asked a question: 12 science student can do bba?
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  • Yes, you can do BBA after 12th in science stream if you are interested in business and management studies. Other courses which you can persue after doing 12th in science stream are:


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🔬 Bba or bcom which is better for science student?

  • While BCA will be an easy option for a science student and B.COM will be a feasible option for a commerce student, only BBA is suitable for both the streams. Since BCA and B.COM are more stream-oriented, switching between the courses is tricky if you have no prior knowledge.

🔬 Can a commerce student study computer science?

  • It is a good decision to study COMMERCE with Computer Science as a subject in 11th and 12th class but as you are interested in B.com then it will not give you more benifits for this programme. Career options for you after this. You can apply for Accountants in Banks and Companies and can also go for the COMPANY SECRETARY Courses or BCA also.

🔬 Can a science student be a bba carrier?

  • Answer will be no, being a science student this will not affect on your BBA carrier anywhere.

🔬 Can a science student become ias?

Are there any optional subjects in IAS exam?

  • There are two optional papers (with one optional subject only) each for 200 marks thus making a total of 400 marks. So, if you take the right optional, you can score well in the IAS mains exam. This article tries to help a science background student to pick his/her optional subject.

🔬 Can a science student do a bba in shaheed?

  • Hey,I am a science student can I do BBA ,and if can i do what are the subjects and which is best college for that. Yes, you can definitely do BBA from Shaheed or any other college even if you are from science college. There are as such no norms by any college if you want to do BBA after science stream in 10+2.

🔬 Can a science student do acca?

So yes, it is very much possible for Science students to complete ACCA.

🔬 Can a science student do arts?

It is because a Science student can opt for art & humanities or commerce course but the students from commerce and arts cannot opt for the science-based courses. Therefore, students with a science background have a wide scope. Engineering and medical fields are not the only options after 12th science students.

🔬 Can a science student do ba?

Yes, you can join in B.A. course even if you are from Science stream. Because candidates who have completed their 12th standard from any stream are eligible to join in B.A. course. To get admission, you should personally visit the college in which you want to join and you should enquire about the admission process.

🔬 Can a science student do bba after 12?

  • Yes, a science student can go for BBA. You only need to have 50% marks in 12th. There are various universities which are providing this course. It will be advisable if you do your degree from a well known university and that provides prime placement opportunity, outstanding exposure and professional enhancement training.

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Can a science student do ca?
  • There are thousands of students who shifted from Science to commerce and today some are CA while some are MBA. So, if you are a science student till 12th standard and want to pursue a Chartered Accountancy course then you can easily go ahead. The only thing this course demand is hard work and dedication.
Can a science student do psychology?
  • Bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees in psychology provide students opportunities for careers in psychology and related fields. For graduates with a BA in psychology who attend graduate school and become psychology professionals, the field will experience 14% job growth by 2026.
Can a science student study economics?

Can a science student pursue economics course?

  • * Yes, a science student can pursue Economics course and can opt for B.Sc Economics (Honors). * Any candidate who completed their class under 10+2 pattern or its equivalent examination from any recognized school/ board of education with at least 50% marks aggregate in science stream are eligible...
Is it possible to do a bba after doing science?
  • It is not only possible to do bba after studying science but there are high chances of being successful and excel in this particular field. As a matter of fact science students are getting way more better grades than the so called "commerce" students.
What biology science student can do?
  • Biology majors can excel in many areas of the law that draw on scientific knowledge and reasoning. Patent and intellectual property lawyers need to understand the science behind biotechnology products, drugs, and medical instruments to process applications for patents and defend clients against infringement.
Why bba after science?

Why do you want to get a BBA degree?

  • If you want to be a manager in a big company, or start your business someday, the BBA degree is the one for you. This degree has a lot of value and there are many reasons why you should choose this degree course over others. Of course, there are a few management related degree courses as well, but BBA has a few distinct advantages over them.